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I'm Heather

Hmm... me in a few paragraphs.

I drink a jaw dropping amount of coffee on the daily, Pinterest like it's my job, and get pretty excited when people ask me to be their paparazzi. Avid Amazon prime-er, Today show enthusiast, dog person, and cheesy romance novel connoisseur.

When I'm not stalking you with a camera, I'm doing basic-B mom stuff with the coolest kids I know. Toddlers have taught me more about life than anyone ever has (and probably ever will.) They own my heart and every decision that I make. 

As far as shooting goes, I'm somewhere between documentary and grandma's photo shelf. A good dose of reality with a few classics to hold it together. The unfortunate thing about being human is that memories fade. Your photos should look and feel accurate to how the given moment looked and felt; because, someday, they are all that you'll be able to recall those details with. Real life, real light, real people doing people-y things.

My focus is on intimate outdoor weddings and in-home baby sessions. My creative side thrives off of your favorite people coming together to make a natural space one of the most special ones your memory will hold. I'm inspired by the smallest real life moments that we'll ultimately forget.


More info on my inspirations, wedding collection info, and some of my favorite photos.

The most special time in your life warrants the once-in-a-lifetime photos you'll cherish forever. I'm here to help.


nice things from cool people.

We had the best experience with Heather for our engagement and wedding photos! I had seen Heather’s work on social media before we were engaged and knew she would be our first choice when the time came. We were a bit nervous that we would look awkward for our engagement shoot, but she made us feel so comfortable and we had so much fun. After seeing our engagement photos, we knew we had nothing to worry about for our wedding. Heather was so organized and checked in periodically to make sure everything in the wedding planning process was falling into place. I was worried about the timeline we had for photos right after the ceremony but Heather had it all planned out and we got through everything with time to spare! Including our dog in our wedding photos was important to us and Heather was so accommodating-she found a park that allows dogs and worked that into the schedule too! We can’t wait to go back to Heather for future photography needs!

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