Sunny Midwest Engagement Session | Jesla + Sam

Another gloomy day here in Illinois + COVID quarantine has me wanting to post a super sunny and cute AF session to brighten the mood. I know so many couples right now are going through so much stress trying to decide whether to celebrate a wedding that looks drastically different than what they pictured, or to postpone it to a date that may or may not be certain as well. We get so comfortable in a life where we are able to control most of everything that happens to us and it causes a slight panic when we are faced with a future that we can only plan for day-by-day. I'm definitely one who struggles with slowing down and doing things one at a time. For me personally, I'm keeping myself in check by remembering that we are all in the same boat here. Moving slower through life and work is not an indication that I am somehow behind or slacking, it's what everyone is doing right now and it's required so that we can combat this as soon as possible. Deep breaths, pet a dog, and drink some good coffee. Speaking of dogs, let me get to talking about this session from last fall that I am just now getting to blogging!

These pictures may fool you because it was actually 100% freezing cold. Somehow it was late fall (early November to be exact!) and everything was still green, so that's a plus! Also a plus: Jesla, Sam and Mr. Finn. Can you get any cuter? Seriously. Finn even has his own Instagram profile. They froze this one out and looked amazing while doing it. I have to give major outfit props here as well. First off, because midwest weather is so finicky and it was actually 53 degrees the day after these photos, and because picking out outfits for your engagement photos is stressful enough. Jesla and Sam's outfits are the perfect example of using color and neutrals with a dressy and casual look. Sometimes when couples want to do a dressier look, they tend to think they need to go overly formal and it ends up feeling a bit uncomfortable if you aren't used to wearing dress clothes every day. Think date night instead of wedding guest attire and it will feel less intimidating. When in doubt: comfort over everything. Color is important here too. You'll hear about neutrals anywhere you look for photo outfit tips, but that doesn't always mean white, black, and tan. Colors have neutral versions too. Jesla did red right with a rusty tone and Sam's pale blue complemented. Their second outfits were true neutrals, but the white is balanced with a dark gray so that it doesn't appear washed out. Think about how interior designers talk about "grounding" a space when you have too many light colors.

On the topic of neutrals, I had a legit fear that we might lose poor Finn in the tall grasses with his brown coloring that matched all the overturned logs. Haha! The only perk about it being freezing out was that he was cool with chilling on the blanket when we did photos without him.

Feeling grateful today that I get to look through these again and remind myself that we are going to get through! Virtual hugs to all.

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