Snowy Midwest Engagement Session | Taryn + Bubba

Planning a snowy engagement session in the midwest is like throwing darts. Illinois winters look like 50 degrees on Monday with a subzero blizzard on Wednesday. Somehow, we hit the bullseye when we scheduled this. Taryn + Bubba traveled from Iowa for their engagement session and we wanted a good mix of snowy and industrial backdrops...and dang. We got everything we wanted. Thank you, crazy AF midwest winter for giving us this snow at the perfect time.

And thank you Taryn and Bubba, for bringing your 10 week old baby out in the cold because his teeny little fluffy self was the icing on the dang cake.

One of my most frequently asked questions after I book a wedding is, "When are we supposed to do engagement photos?" The answer is always that there is no answer. It's completely up to you. Think of engagement photos beyond their name. These are photos to celebrate this specific time, yes, but they are also a set of nice photos of the two of you that aren't in wedding attire. So, take a second to think about what type of backgrounds you envision because since we have all four seasons, the look and feel of your photos will vary greatly. Now, obviously if you're planning to use these photos for a Save The Date card, you'll want to think about doing them early enough so that you can send those cards out 6-8 months in advance of your wedding. If that's not on your must-have list though, there is no etiquette besides your personal preference. I've done engagement sessions as early as the week before the wedding, and some that are over a year out. Light quality is different during different seasons as well, so time of year for us middle county peeps is a game changer. What do you picture yourselves wearing? What are you most comfortable in? Do you want to do a certain activity for your photos? How about a specific location? What does it look like in the fall vs the winter? Yay... just what you wanted: more decisions to make during wedding planning! haha! For real though, you are investing a lot of money into capturing this specific time in your lives, so putting some thought into these photos is well worth it in order for them to look and feel like you and your relationship. Taryn and Bubba have a summer wedding date, so they are getting the best of both worlds with their snowy engagement photos! This was one of those sessions where I had serious fun freezing my butt off, even though it took me a whole half an hour to feel my fingers again. These two met over instagram after Taryn stalked the Iowa State wrestling roster and found her dream guy. I cannot get over this. I'm a sucker for a unique meeting story. It's one of my favorite questions to ask my couples because it gives me a good look at how things began before I get to capture the major plot event. ;)

A few of my faves...

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