Laid-Back Summer Engagement Session | Emma + Drake

I'm baaaaack! Hey guys, it's been awhile... like a seriously looooonngg while. As many of you know, I had another baby this past summer, which meant I took a month off of weddings and then decided to book extra ones in the fall (craziness).... which means my workflow became shoot-edit-deliver galleries on repeat. Honestly, as much as I love to blog, quick turnaround times for my peeps will always be a priority. Then, I decided on a crazy sleepless whim to just redo my website and my old blog can't transfer to it yet so I've been floating around a few months with no blog! What have I been doing in the mean time? Enjoying the holidays and some extra lazy days with my cute kiddos.

So, now I'm back and refreshed and ready to go. I'm going to be blogging a bunch of stuff from the last half of the year where I fell off the blog train. I've got soooo much to talk about as there are tons of changes coming up for me, my fam, and my business so stay tuned if you're interested, and if not, just scroll past my word vomit and look at my cute clients ;)

This is Emma and Drake and they are going to have a seriously kick ass celebration for their wedding in July. I went to school with Emma back in the day, (WHAT THE HELL, I CAN LITERALLY SAY "BACK IN THE DAY"LIKE A FREAKIN OLD PERSON) and it was so fun to reconnect. Shooting these two was a breeze, even though they thought they were going to be awkward. They can attest to it now, I just make you do a bunch of weird stuff so you can forget you feel awkward and then you get some cute AF photos out of it. Trust me. Just trust me. Even when I tell you to sit in basically a puddle because the dry spot 2.5 inches to the left is not where I want the sun. I'd say I'm sorry for their wet butts in the car on the way back to Chicago but I'm not because the sitting photos are cute. I love the laid-back vibe of their collection of photos and I just couldn't resist not sharing these for my first post on the new blog.

I dare you to look at these and tell me Emma doesn't have the most infectious freakin smile that you've ever seen.

That's all. :)

(just kidding, makeup by Slay by Kelsey J)

Okay, now that's all.

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