Classic Elegance at Venue Chisca | Monica + Nick

Yay, two weeks blogging in a row! Go me! This wedding...never EVER have I ever had so many DMs on instagram than I did on the day of this wedding from my sneak peeks in stories. If you've been a follower for awhile, this is THE COOKIE TABLE WEDDING. I can't even describe to you the smells at this reception. No yankee candle will ever be able to outdo the fresh baked scents that filled the ballroom at Venue Chisca. Okay, so let me back up a second. The Pittsburgh connection from Nick's fam brought this new world of the Pittsburgh Cookie Tradition to Peoria. Essentially, the families of the couple bake massive amounts of cookies (anywhere between 6-18 per guest) and create a huge table of cookies at a wedding reception. It's a way to share family recipes and just to eat alot of dang cookies. Guys, Monica and Nick's wedding had around 5,000 cookies...just take that in for a second. Don't worry, there was a cake too. And not just any cake, a freakin masterpiece hanging on a cake chandelier. I think I got a sugar high just by taking photos. And don't even get me started on the agony of editing a crap ton of cookie photos because I was convinced I was going to die of starvation through that painful period of my life.

I'm going to get off the cookie train for a second because I'm starting to get hungry. So, this day, other than the cookies, was nothing short of magical. Literally every detail was pure classic elegance, including BOTH dresses. Yep, two dresses. A get married dress, and a party-and-eat-cookies dress. Monica rocked them both. I wish I had the confidence of this girl because she was straight SHINING that day. Their ceremony was officiated by their best friend who happened to be the one who introduced them! It was definitely one of those ceremonies where I was shooting through blurry eyes. One of my favorite little touches was part of the table centerpieces. Monica's late grandpa would write her grandmother love notes back in the day and she had them framed on each tables. SOB. The more personal you make your wedding, the more your guests will feel emotionally connected to it. And yeah... no one is forgetting those cookies either.

Vendor Creds

Venue: Venue Chisca

Floral: Heaven on Earth

Dress: #1 (private seller) #2 Cloud Nine

Cake: Trefzger's Bakery

Bridesmaids: Azazie

Groomsmen: The Black Tux

Makeup: Slay by Kelsey J

Hair: Pamper Me Please

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