Animal Lovers Fall Engagement Session | Melissa + Nick

Last fall was gorgeous. We actually got more than just a week of color which was a dream for us Midwest photogs with clients who were waiting in the wings for the color to pop. I traveled to small town IL to hang out with these two for their engagement session. When Melissa mentioned their dogs and horse during our session planning, I was alllll about the animal love! You guys, the answer is always yes when you ask if you can include your animals. Why? Not just because I'm an animal lover, but because it allows me another way to see you guys naturally. Dogs/cats/horses/cattle/(even kids for that matter!) don't always sit there and pose or follow direction for more than 2 or 3 photos. WHICH IS FINNEEE because that's not in their nature anyway. When you're at home with nonhumans, you probably aren't ever sitting all nicely in a line anyway. You guys who have pets most likely love the crap out of them, so please include them in your photos because they are a huge part of your life right now. If you feel like it's too much of a hassle to coordinate them, ask mom or a friend to tag along to your session to hold them if you're worried that they'll make a break for it while your photog has you making out on a rock somewhere. You won't regret having them in your photos, even if it's just a few. We'll hash all that out during planning and I'll give you my best tips, tricks, and suggestions so that you don't feel stressed out with them there. During the session, I'll do my thing with the direction listeners (aka you) and we'll let the non-humans do their thing around you. They'll distract you, they'll make you laugh, they'll run away, you'll chase them, and I'll be creeping around taking photos of it. You'll get your photos back, and they'll look like your life, and you'll love them.

And I get to pet your animals and then my dogs will stalk me everywhere when I get home and I'll just feel real loved. It's a win-win for all of us really.

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