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Hey photo boss, I see you!

I've been in your shoes. You have your DREAM job. You spend your weekends at kick-ass weddings hanging out with happy people and your creative mind gets to thrive the whole day. During the week, you're consulting with your brides to make sure you don't miss a detail.

You're also running the back end of your business: blogs, social feeds, inquiries, logging mileage, tracking invoices, planning sessions, and then scrambling to finish your wedding edits from a month ago on top of the engagement sesh and wedding you have to shoot this week... somehow you're supposed to have enough energy left over to give your fam, friends, and yourself some undivided attention. By the time you reach your busy season, you're already have burnout feels creeping in.

If you relate to this, take my virtual hug here. You're killing it in the biz (go you!), but you're killing your passion in the process. What you need is more time.

I can help! Think of me as your behind-the-scenes teammate. The prospect of outsourcing your editing is a HUGE deal. Trusting someone to process your gorgeous photos is like a bride trusting you to document their wedding day. Let's see if this is the business answer you've been looking for. 

Here's how this works:

step one

we chat

I know how valuable your time is, so I promise that the 10 minutes I take from you here will be worth it to:

  • decide if outsourcing your editing is the right solution to grow your business

  • if I'm the right person to help you do that. 

  • outline the simple workflow system to get us up and running right away.

step two

you do your thing

You get back to your office after the wedding grind and edit a set of preview images to post on social for your clients to freak out over. Then you cull the rest, send your Lightroom catalog to me, and I get to work!

While you're using your work hours to focus on client experience and growing your business, I'll be using mine to focus on making sure your gallery is consistent in your style from start to finish. 

step three

delivery + feedback

Yay! Delivery day. You get your catalog back, check them over, export and deliver to your super excited clients.

Communication is going to be so important for us. While I'm 100% confident that I'll emulate your style, I'll ask for your feedback after I deliver each gallery to help me further match your unique style and improve efficiency going forward. 

The Details

basic editing $0.33/image

  • application of your preset

  • full color correction, white balance, brightness adjustments

  • cropping and straightening

  • sharpening/grain adjustments

  • black and white conversions 

Extended Lightroom adjustments and advanced Photoshop retouching​ including face swaps, background extension, removal of objects, facial editing is available and custom quoted per request.

turnaround time:

weddings: 5-7 biz days

sessions: 3-5 biz days

why me?

I've been a wedding and portrait photographer since 2013, and since then I've built a successful full-time business and a pretty cool little family. While I'm obsessed with shooting wedding days, I'm that crazy percent of us wedding photogs who actually LOVE to edit (like, LOVE.TO.EDIT).

I'm an extremely detail oriented perfectionist when it comes to light and color. I blame that on my Bachelor's degree in Art (shoutout, BU!) where rigorous training to really notice every minute detail of what you're looking at was a daily brain pounder. Creating consistency in my own work and style and having the knowledge and keen eye to help other photogs do the same, has led me here!

The community over competition mentality in the wedding photography industry was huge in helping me reach my own definition of success. It is one of my big "Why's" for expanding into photo editing. I've found HUGE personal fulfillment in helping other photo businesses have a better balance between their work and personal lives. 

So let's hop on the phone, FaceTime, text, email...whatever you chat with. Maybe outsourcing your editing isn't right for you, or maybe it is. I'll help you determine that in just a few minutes.

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